Hotel Review: Husa Reina Victoria, València.

Hotel Review: Husa Reina Victoria, València.

Room: Standard Single, Bed & Breakfast

This was a great bargain.  I paid around EUR40 per night for a good sized & clean room with free wifi and a good breakfast.  The hotel is located in the very centre of the city a block away from the main square, the Plaça del Ajuntament.  It is also located close to the main shopping streets, bars and restaurants.  It’s a great location.  For operatravellers choosing hotels in València there is a choice to be made between being next to the Palau de les Arts but out of the downtown core or being downtown.  A direct bus to the Palau de les Arts, which takes around 20 minutes, leaves from the Plaça del Ajuntament.  Unfortunately, the buses usually stop before the end of the show which results in a EUR6 taxi ride from the house back downtown.  Taxis are usually plentiful after a show.


As I mentioned the room was clean and spacious, air conditioned and the free wifi was good.  Breakfast offered a variety of cold cuts (including turkey), yogurts, juices, breads, croissants and cakes.  The coffee was from a machine and was respectable.  The staff are perhaps not the friendliest but they are very efficient and I would much rather minimize my time at the reception than have to make conversation with the desk attendant.  This is usually one of the best value hotels in downtown València and I would certainly recommend it to anyone considering staying there.

Vlc hotel Reina Victora


2 responses to “Hotel Review: Husa Reina Victoria, València.

  1. Great bargain for sure and València is definitely worth a visit next time you’re in Europe. Wonderful opera house, great food, friendly ppl. What more could you ask for?!

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