Hotel Review: Days Inn Chicago

When travelling to a new city, I always look at a number of factors including price, location and accessibility.  In many North American cities, the downtown neighbourhoods can be corporate and soulless and when looking at hotels in Chicago, I decided that I wanted to stay in a neighbourhood where people live and interact.  The Days Inn Chicago is located in the Lakeview district, an easy bus or train ride from downtown and everything the city has to offer.  It is also located within easy travelling distance to O’Hare airport with a short ride on the Blue Line followed by a short bus ride.  The neighbourhood itself has a number of bars and restaurants and the hotel is next to a 24-hour drugstore.  To get downtown there is a bus from outside the hotel or the Diversey station is only a 10-minute walk away.  Overall the neighbourhood feels safe and comfortable and is certainly much more alive and less corporate than downtown.  The hotel itself is clean and comfortable.  Rooms are a bit on the small side for North American standards but by European standards feel positively palatial.  The rooms are impeccably clean and the hotel also contains a fitness room. There is a complimentary breakfast but I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it.  Staff are friendly and welcoming, some more than others.  This is a good solid, budget-friendly choice for anyone visiting Chicago.  Recommended.

Days inn Chicago


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