Help Support exists to create truly independent writing on opera.  Writing that attempts to engage, to challenge and to reflect.  To comment from the perspective of someone with vocal training and with an open mind towards productions – to look at why things work or might not work.

Two of the biggest compliments I have received were one from a reader who said ‘thanks to you I have learned so much’ and another from a leading singer who said they were impressed by my knowledge of singing. Over time, the site has received increasing numbers of hits, been widely quoted and received very positive feedback from readers, artists, agents, intendants and other industry professionals. The site also has a dedicated number of subscribers who receive every article directly into their inboxes.

Over the years, I have been exceptionally lucky to receive the support of those amazing people listed below.  While the Patreon community for the site has been wround up, due to the 2020 sanitary situation, you are more than welcome to continue support by sending messages of support, cookies, beer or any other means.

If you still wish to contribute, you can help out  by making a one-off gesture in GBP through PayPal.

Thanks for being part of the journey.  I look forward to sharing it with you.

Supporters  – Thank you! Merci!
Anonymous x1
Ellen Clague
Dr Kristin Jensen
Michelle Edgerley
Earnest Thompson
Nigel Rogers
Catarina Schade
Betty Sledge
Ariane Sarah Wirz
Jack Smith
Dr Emad Sultan
Faxon Bishop
Aram Khaghaghordyan
Angus Carlill
Judith Scammell
Craig Cruz
Michael Vinnen
Prof Cynthia Chase


The War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, taken in June 2016 ©
The War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, taken in June 2016 ©

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